The One Million Solar Streetlight Project aims at installing one million solar powered street lights in all the 47 counties of Kenya.

A solar-powered cinema is to travel around villages in Africa to share the stories of individuals who have found solutions to climate change issues.

Solar power is cheaper in many parts of Asia than electricity from liquefied natural gas, meaning photovoltaics don’t need subsidies to compete with fossil fuels.

Kenya is forging ahead with plans to build a nuclear power plant by 2025 as part of an ambitious development agenda.

A small startup, a frugal mindset and a disruptive technology are shaking up the rural banking scene in India, giving 300 million dwellers a chance to get a bank account.

When South Africa successfully incentivized businesses to manufacture solar panels, other African countries were watching.

Morgan Stanley’s investigation into the potential of consumers to go off-grid in a major way in the US depends on a number of factors.

OBIN, Articles, Business 08.04.2014 created by Stiftung Solarenergie

Off-Grid Electrification: USD 136 billion market potential (OBIN World)

Stiftung Solarenergie – Solar Energy Foundation has analyzed overall 66 countries for the Off-Grid Business Indicator (OBIN) regarding their potential...

Articles, Development 08.04.2014 created by E.G. Woldegebriel

Solar power struggles to shine in sunny Ethiopia

Ethiopia is known by some as “the land of 13 months of sunshine,” a reference both to its climate and to its unique calendar of 12 months of 30 days...

Articles, Technology 08.04.2014 created by Kristy Hoare

What it means to go off the grid. Experiences from New Zealand

It’s not every day that someone connected to the power grid station decides to install an off-grid solar power system.  “Do they do it just to save...

Articles, Technology 08.04.2014 created by Global LEAP

Beyond Lighting: Off-Grid Appliance & Clean Energy System Market PlugFest

A first-of-its-kind off-grid appliance and clean energy system “PlugFest” will be held at the fifth Clean Energy Ministerial (CEM5) in Seoul on 13 May...

Articles, Finance 26.03.2014 created by Arc Finance

Crowdfunding in the Energy Access Space

Lack of access to affordable finance perpetuates global energy poverty by limiting both the supply of, and demand for, improved energy products and...

OBIN, Articles, Business 26.03.2014 created by Stiftung Solarenergie - Solar Energy Foundation

America: market potential for off-grid electrification of 2.5 billion (OBIN America)

With the "Off-Grid Business Indicator" (OBIN), the Stiftung Solarenergie - Solar Energy Foundation has for the first time brought together information...

Articles, Business 26.03.2014 created by Harald Schützeichel

First assembling company for off-grid solar power in Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the second largest off-grid market in Sub-Saharan Africa: 68.8 million people live in remote regions. The market potential for the...

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Comment by Jose Antonio Bueso 
on April 9, 2014

The only way to avoid the corruption and other problems is the privatization of the sector. More...

Comment by Dr Bernhard Scheffler 
on April 7, 2014

Excellent, spot on analysis.   

One further point: More...

Comment by Pierre Telep
on February 26, 2014

A very good metric, the OBIN indicator is a clear and comprehensive metric which supplies a clear and objective overview of the off-grid market trend. More...

Comment by Matthew Matimbwi
on February 26, 2014

Dear Sun-Connect,

in order to use the available opportunities of mini grid technologies, the enabling environment needs to be advocated. More...

Comment by Julio Eisman
on February 10, 2014

We are speaking with two different perspectives. In the short time we have to work expanding the solar lamps, SHS, .. More...

Comment by Manfred Gorgus 
on January 17, 2014

Prime analysis. More...